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Crackle Weave Simply

Crackle Weave Simply

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Crackle Weave Simply

Understanding the Weave Structure and 27 Projects to Practice Your Skills

A wonderfully simply explanation of Crackle Weave by Susan Kelser-Simpson

Continuing the tradition of simplifying weave structures author Susan Kesler-Simpson explains crackle weave in this book. Author of the popular books Overshot Simply and Shadow Weave Simply, Susan’s teaching method is to define the basic building blocks of the weave structure into easily understood block units. Once you understand the building blocks, you can combine blocks in new and unique ways to create your own distinctive patterns.

Crackle weave is a rare structure that can be used to create fabric with a modern feel, or it can be tailored for a more traditional look. The basis of crackle weave is a twill block structure with four threads, two primary and two secondary threads. Four or more threading blocks can be combined in any order, enlarged, reduced, or combined with other twill structures such as a rose path twill. Susan clearly explains the secrets to successfully combing the blocks for a unique fabric.

The book contains 27 patterns with both 4 and 8 shaft looms to illustrate the concepts presented. The projects are designed to develop your skills in working with crackle weave. Projects include scarves, shawls, blankets, towels, table runners and rugs.

Softcover, 130 pages

Published July 2022

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