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Designing Woven Fabrics

Designing Woven Fabrics

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Designing Woven Fabrics by Janet Phillips; 2008; 170 pages; 50 designs, softcover.

This book describes and illustrates Janet’s method of designing functional woven fabrics based on the 2/2 Twill weave structure. It addresses the questions that students most commonly ask of her. How do you design fabric, where do you get your ideas from, how do you choose color combinations, and what can I do with my yarn stash? The book, generously illustrated with color photos and weave diagrams, is divided into three distinct parts. Part One covers the construction and weaving of a multiple sectioned sample blanket. Part Two describes the principal design criteria. Part Three details 50 original designs. Designing Woven Fabric is aimed at weavers who are already comfortable about making warps, dressing looms, and weaving in general, but who now want to design and weave their own original fabrics.


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