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Stubenitsky Code

Stubenitsky Code

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Marian Stubenitsky, the author of Weaving with Echo and Iris has done it again.  She has written another book that will revolutionize the way we weave!

The Stubenitsky Code is about weaving patterns using only a single tie. Marian discovered this principle in 2001, and thereafter developed patterns using the code in twill and basket weaves that give the possibility of larger patterns on fewer shafts! Weaves on 4, 8 and up to 32 shafts in a range of structures are presented. Some of the structures include - twill and basketweave, huck, seven structures on one threading, moire' effects and deflected double weave to name a few.  Each structure is described and provided with drawdowns and photos. The book is beautifully designed, published in the same style as Weaving on Three Shafts with text in both Dutch and English.

200 pages, full color, hard cover. 

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