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The Swedish Weaving Book

The Swedish Weaving Book


The Swedish Weaving Book by Mariana Eriksson, Ulla Getzmann, Gunnel Gustavsson, & Kerstin Lovallius;2002, 144 pages, translated by Becky Ashenden in 2008, hard cover.

This book contains bountiful information on planning and executing a woven project in the Swedish method. It covers everything one needs to know in order to plan and prepare the loom for weaving including counterbalance and countermarch looms, related weaving tools, calculations for warping, threading and tying up the treadles, as well as basic weaving skills. Clear and detailed drawings on nearly every page show the technicalities of loom dressing, weaving and fixing mistakes. A comprehensive section details more than 30 finishing techniques such as: hems, edgings, fringes, braid methods, and mounts. A large number of instructive diagrams and photographs complement the text. A necessary guidebook for anyone with a Swedish loom. Most of these methods can be used easily on any loom, making this book is an essential resource for weavers of all levels. The authors are renowned weaving teachers in Sweden.

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