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Spring Loom

Spring Loom


Spring 2 Weaving Loom

Spring is a countermarche loom available in 90 cm (35.4″) and 110 cm (43.3″) weaving width.   The loom can be ordered with eight and 10 treadles or twelve harnesses and 14 treadles. 

The Spring has a new click lock system that allows a user to easily add and remove heddles. It also has the unique floating breast beam that reduces stress on the warp while maintaining an even tension.

The castle is completely pre-assembled. The shaft bars and lams can be adjusted exactly to height.   You can easily put the Texsolv heddles under tension, so that they do not shift or sag.  Slanted shafts are impossible and treadle tie-up is easy with pre-cut tie-up cords.

The warp beam is equipped with a friction brake and the cloth beam has a ratchet and pawl.

The loom is made of lacquered beech wood, includes a shelf and a raddle is built in. The loom is delivered partially assembled; The castle with shafts and lams is fully assembled. A stainless steel reed 40-10, 800 or 1200 Texsolv heddles (392 mm, depending on the weave width), lease sticks, and sixteen warp sticks are included.

Special Order

Need a reed?  We have reeds for all Louet looms on our reed page.

Shipping is included in the price shown, when you purchase a loom. i.e. it's FREE, no additional charge for shipping.

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