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Our Yarn Crayon Box

The Crayon Yarn Box is a helpful tool that allows our visitors to review and compare the colors of yarn products.

You will be able to drag swatches into the box and organize them to your liking. If you don't like any of the swatches, you may drag them out and return them to the main list.

Once you have finished choosing the correct ones, clicking the Add To Cart button will submit the chosen swatches into your cart.

Open and Close the Yarn Crayon Box

Clicking on the Yarn Crayon Box button will open and close the crayon box.

Image describing how to click on the button to open the Crayon Yarn Box.

Drag and Drop to Add Swatches

To add swatches into the crayon box, click and hold a swatch image and then drag it into the dotted square within the dropzone.

You can add as many swatches into the drop zone as you like.

Drag and Drop to Remove Swatches

To remove swatches from your selections, you may drag them out of the drop zone and drop them into any position in the main list.

When you have completed sorting swatches, you can select Add To Cart.

When you visit the cart, you can select how many of each swatch you want.