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Handmaiden's Towel Kit

Handmaiden's Towel Kit


Kit designed by Lunatic Fringe using Lunatic Fringe yarns. 

These towels are soft and absorbent!  Just what the Handmaiden ordered.  Two colors of our own American Maid™ Naturally Colored Cotton and natural white yarn combine with just 2 blocks to make four sophisticated towels that are fun and easy to weave.   These are the softest towels you will ever create! Finished towels are approximately 22″x 30″.  Available in either Brown or Green Colorways.  

Dark and light naturally colored and white unmercerized cotton yarns combine to make these 4 towels.  Kit includes 8-Harness draft for two block broken twill pattern. You can also weave them using fewer harnesses as striped or plaid towels.

Naturally colored cottons grow from seed in the brown and green colors.  To make the American Maid™ yarns, we blend naturally colored cotton with the finest white cotton, all grown and spun here in the US.  The Dark and Light yarns will darken overtime instead of the usual fading.  These yarns are beautiful together and we hope these lovely towels are as fun to weave as they are to use.

Difficulty level for this kit is Intermediate to Advanced.

                        Kits are not included in our bulk discounts. 

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