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Kolor Mondo Color Globe

Kolor Mondo Color Globe


3D Color Wheel!

This color sphere is a great improvement over the standard flat 2D color wheel. It illustrates not only the relationships between colors, but also shows the how the hue changes by altering both value and intensity. The color wheel circles around the "Equator", and the values change by adding white as you move to the "North Pole" and by adding black as you move to the "South Pole". Chroma, or intensity, is strongest at the outer ring, changing to grey as you move to the center core. 

The globe consists of 5 round pieces and 6 wedges that can be taken apart and re-assembled as needed. Take the wedges and find the closest color that matches your yarn to help identify the value of that yarn, and how it may relate to the other hues and values of your other yarn samples. 

The globe contains 570 colors on a 4 3/4" (12cm) diameter sphere. 

Made in Sweden.

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