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Loom Theory - Radiant Mobius

Loom Theory - Radiant Mobius


One of our local customers, Charlene Kolb designed and wove this project for us for Loom Theory.  We think it turned out really well! It has a bit of an ethnic feel with the bright colors framed by black. We can not sell the instructions - these must be purchased from Handwoven Magazine - "Loom Theory - Eight Shaft Shawl Collection 2019" - The collection is $12.99. 

Yarns used are by Venne - The warp is 20/2 cotton and the weft is 40/1 x 2 cotton/wool.  The cotton/wool is a single strand of #20 cotton and a single strand of wool, it very lightly twisted together so it is not strong enough for warp.  It makes for a really nice hand on the finished piece. 

Included in the kit - 6 colors of 20/2 mercerized cotton for the warp; #4064/peacock, #1013/golden, #4072/red-violet, #5053/fern green, #3039/burgundy and #7099/black and #7099/black of cotton/wool. 

We have 2 options - we have smaller cones (50grams) than our normal inventory of each warp color for a 3 yard warp (1 Mobius) as specified in the project instructions OR you can buy the full size cones for a longer warp (2-3 Mobius).  Both kits come with enough weft for 1 mobius. You will need to buy more weft if you want to weave more than one Mobius, you might want to try one in cotton/wool and one in 20/2 cotton (there is enough for black 20/2 for weft) OR try another color of cotton/wool or 20/2 for the weft.  

This is an 8 shaft pattern, 21" in the reed.  Sett = 40 epi


The scarf kit is not dis-countable.

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