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Shuttles - Bluster Bay Woodworks

Shuttles - Bluster Bay Woodworks


Bluster Bay Woodworks are "Supremely Beautiful, Seriously Functional Textile Tools"!  

We are thrilled to be the newest shop carrying BBW lovely shuttles!  Opening the  box was like Christmas - they are truly the prettiest shuttles we've ever seen. Tracy tested one of their end feed shuttles and was hooked - they not only look good and feel good but they work better than other EF shuttles! 

We have an assortment of woods in each style.  Pictures may not represent what wood is actually in stock.  If you want a picture or more information call or email, we will be happy to help! The weight of each shuttle varies depending on wood type. We can tell you the weight of the different shuttles - just ask.

Individual photos show shuttles we have in stock - we will do our best to keep this current. Woods listed below by shuttle - look at picture and read left to right. New shipment arrived 11/17 - pictures coming soon! 

Boat Shuttles:

8" Bull Nose Boat Shuttle - uses 4" Schacht bobbins, available with a closed or open bottom. Wood available - closed bottom - 

12" Bull Nose Boat Shuttle - uses 6" Schacht bobbins, available with a closed or open bottom. Woods available - open bottom  - closed bottom - 

12" & 14" Swedish Boat Shuttle - also referred to as "damask" shuttles. These are only 3/4" high so they will fit through a tiny shed, all have a closed bottom.  Use with 5" paper quills. 

12" & 14" Super Slim Boat Shuttle - this is a super low profile of only 1/2"! Use with 5" paper quills. 

End Feed Shuttles: All of the EF shuttles we carry use the Honex tensioning devise for smooth release of yarn.  We have two sizes - 11" and 15", both come with open or closed bottoms.  All come with an allen wrench to adjust the tension.

11" EF Shuttle - open or closed bottom. Good for weavers with small hands or if you prefer a lighter weight shuttle. Use with paper pirns.  Open bottom - 

15" EF Shuttle - open or closed bottom. Use with 8" plastic pirns from Bluster Bay. We are sold out of closed bottom 15" EF shuttles.  

Bluster Bay shuttles are not available for bulk discounts. 




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