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Shuttles - End Delivery - Schacht Spindle Company

Shuttles - End Delivery - Schacht Spindle Company


Schacht Spindle Company's end delivery shuttles are lightweight, easy to throw and catch, and adjusts for a variety of yarns. Available in both a 12" and a 15" width.

End delivery shuttles use a pirn instead of a free-spinning bobbin. The pirn remains stationary, and the weft yarn unwinds off the pirn's tip as the shuttle travels through the shed, and stops unwinding when the shuttle stops. The yarn comes off the pirn and goes through a set of tension pads to ensure the yarn leaves the shuttle at a constant tension. This even delivery of weft causes less draw-in, and consistent selvedges. Weave faster with better selvedges!

The tension is adjusted with the enclosed Allen wrench.

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