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Weaving Outside the Box

Weaving Outside the Box


Weaving Outside the Box

by Denise Kovnat

Learn how to create exciting dimensional cloth with “Weaving Outside the Box” with Denise Kovnat. Pleats, ruffles, and waves are easily achievable once you understand how to apply the right yarn and process. Denise begins with a clear discussion of the various techniques, and a great explanation of the why and how to achieve dimensional cloth through the exploration of the cloth structure, differential shrinkage, and active and passive yarns. Then learn by doing through the 12 projects, with step-by-step instructions and informative graphic illustrations.

There are four projects each for beginning, intermediate, and advanced weavers. As a special bonus, there are two groups of projects that allow you to weave three different projects on a single warp with the same threading. Four projects require only 4 shafts, and another 5 projects use 8 shafts or less. Three projects included use 14 - 16 shafts.

Projects -

  • Project One: Deflected Doubleweave Scarf on Four Shafts
  • Project Two: Woven Shibori Scarf on Four Shafts
  • Project Three: Antelop Canyon Shawl on Four Shafts
  • Project Four: 20/2 Cotton Pleats on Four Shafts
  • Project Five: Puzzle Shawl on Six Shafts
  • Project Six: Rippenkoper Scarf on Eight Shafts
  • Project Seven: Turned Twill Scarf on Eight Shafts
  • Project Eight: Pleated Silk Scarf on Eight Shafts
  • Project Nine: Ruffles Scarf on Eight Shafts
  • Project Ten: Chutes and Ladders Scarf on 14 Shafts
  • Project Eleven: Cobblestone Scarf on 15 Shafts
  • Project Twelve: Deflected Doubleweave Scarf on 16 Shafts

Spiral bound, Softcover, 115 pages


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