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Cottolin - 22/2

Cottolin - 22/2

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Great for towels, runners, rep weave projects and other home decorative items. Cottolin is a wonderful combination of 60% cotton and 40% linen giving a nice combination with the best properties of both fibers. Cottolin works well with 16/1 singles linen or tow linen as a weft for a crisper fabric. 74 beautiful colors plus unbleached and white.

  • 3,250 yards per pound dyed/bleached 
  • 2925 yards per pound unbleached 
  • Available 250 gram tube = 8.8 ounces 
  • 1,625 yards per tube dyed/bleached 
  • 1,500 yards per tube unbleached 

Unbleached and Bleached white are also available in Jumbo cones, that are approx. 800 grams/28 ounces, approx 3 and a half tubes.

22/2 Cottolin is basically the same diameter as 8/2 cotton. They can be successfully combined in the same project - giving you a broader color palette to choose from!

Projects Made from Cottolin - 

Happy Towel in Summer Smoothie colorway.  Ask about our pattern. Woven by Tracy

Log Cabin towel, featured in 
Design Collection #18, pp 8-9.
Woven by Tracy

Happy Towels, featured in 
Handwoven Issue 154, pp 40.

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