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Fine Egyptian Cottons

Fine Egyptian Cottons


This is an unmercerized combed cotton made from Egyptian long staple fiber that is easy to work with and super soft. 24/2 and 30/2 are available in bleached/white and unbleached/natural. Suitable for fine table linens and towels, combine with 16/1 singles linen for a crisper fabric. The Swedes frequently use fine cottons as the warp and add the color with singles linen for beautiful fabrics.

They come on 250 gram tubes = 8.8 ounces

24/2 - 5,545 yd/tube unbleached/natural; 5,220 yd/tube bleached white.
Sett suggestions = 36-48/50 epi

30/2 - 6,580 yd/tube unbleached/natural; 6,945 yd/tube bleached/ white.
Sett suggestions = 48-60 epi

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