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Line Linen - 16/1

Line Linen - 16/1

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Bockens 16/1 linen is a wet-spun linen that is dyed in 68 beautiful colors plus half-bleached, bleached white and unbleached/natural. Eco-friendly dyes are used so that colors do not bled and are color fast. 16/1 works well as a warp and weft for a fine linen fabric or use it as a weft with cottolin, 8/2, 16/2, 24/2 and 30/2 Egyptian cottons as well as 16/2, 28/2 and 35/2 linens. The Swedes frequently use 16 singles to add color to fine linen warps or fine cotton warps that are bleached or unbleached.

  • 4,800 yards per pound
  • Unbleached and half-bleached come in 250 gram tubes = 8.8 ounces
  • Unbleached has approx. 2,725 yards per tube and half-bleached has 3,045 yards.
  • Dyed colors and bleached white only comes in 125 gram tubes = 4.4 ounces 
  • 1,515 yards per tube dyed and bleached white (0004)
  • Sett suggestions = 24-30-36 epi

Color pictures are a mixture of singles and 2 ply, colors are the same for both yarns.

Projects Made from 16/1 linen - 

28/2 half-bleached linen with 16/1 singles
weft in 2 block satin. Woven by DD.

28/2 half-bleached linen with 16/1 singles
for weft. Woven by Tracy

Double Weave with Basket weave squares
in 16/1 linen. Table Square. Woven by Tracy.




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