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Venne Cotton - 20/2 Mercerized

Venne Cotton - 20/2 Mercerized

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Venne of Holland is known for their high quality yarns in lots of yummy colors.  Made from long staple Egyptian cotton, mercerized then gassed for exceptional strength and sheen.  Dyed by the strict European standards, this yarn won't bleed like other cottons.  The quality is exceptional! This is the yarn used in the popular book, Weaving with Echo and Iris.  The sheen of this yarn is very high, it looks like silk! 

The US number is 20/2 Ne, European size is 34/2 Nm.
We have just recently added this yarn to our assortment.  We do not have all of the colors, we are adding more as we go. We have 70 + colors in stock and every color is yummy!  If there is a color you want us to carry just ask and we will order it.  Check the drop down list to see what colors we have in stock.  

Customers who have used the yarn give it rave reviews!

Available in 100 gram cones = 1,840 yards

Sett suggestions: 30 for plain weave; 30-48 for twill and 36-48 for satin.  
Larger cones can be special ordered that are 1 kilo/1,000 grams = 18,400 yards.  It take 4-8 weeks to get a kilo cone. Cost is $110.00 and is not further discounted. 

Projects Made from Venne 20/2 cotton - 

Scarf kit woven using 20/2 cotton and cotton/wool
Designed by Marian Stubenitsky

Four color Double weave

 Sett = 72 epi
Woven by Marian C

Echo weave/interleaved twill. Warp
colors shown. Sett = 40 epi


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