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Eco Jeans Recycled Yarn

Eco Jeans Recycled Yarn

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Eco Jeans from Venne is a recycled yarn made of 48% cotton and 47% polyester and 5% other material. Made from recycled from jeans and plastic bottles, worn jeans, jackets and other articles of jeans fabric will get a new life. It’s a slightly textured yarn reminiscent of a tweed yarn that adds interest to, and pairs well with 8/2 cotton. Sourced from France and Germany.

In using the yarn we have found it wonderfully soft and absorbent! 

This is a 12/2 NM (European sizing), it is a little bit thicker than 8/2 cotton. 

Sett 14 epi plain weave, 16 epi twill

Some colors are 50 gram cones (1.77 oz), but the newer colors are on 100g cones (3.5 oz) as Venne phases out the 50 gram cones.

Also available in 50 gram cones and 1000g cones (35 oz).

Each 50 gram cone has 300 meters (325 yards) and each 100g cone has 600 meters (650 yards).

There is approximately 2,725 yards in a pound of yarn.  

The kilo cone will have approximately 6000 meters (6,500 yards).

Colors in the group picture of the cones are from left - #7006/Anthracite; #7025/Platinum; #4006/Navy; #4003/Steel; #4038/Slate Blue; #4041/Cloud blue

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